We're not a non-profit

We are a Social Enterprise!

Instead of only collecting donations, we sell products to raise social awareness and financially help organizations who are bettering the lives of people. We fund well thought out campaigns for our partners at no cost to them. 

A world without social issues is a world we strive for. We created a business model that attacks social issues from 4 fronts


Building awareness:

Wearing our products spark conversation and raise social awareness on issues most people wouldn't even know existed.

Inspiring others:

Allowing us to share your story we can connect and inspire millions of people who are fighting adversities everyday.

Funding campaigns:

Funding  campaigns to help organization conduct there day to day operations. beyond awareness donates 30% of all profits to charities and other organizations bettering the lives of people.

Creating a platform:

We create a platform with incentives to encourage people to help.

Values we live by



We are committed to our global and local community. We donate 40% of our profits to organization bettering the lives of others. Find out more about our giving process. 



We seek out, and partner with individuals and organizations who are committed to making a difference. find out about partnering with us.




Beyond Awareness turns new and imitative ideas into reality. Creativity in our campaigns and business allows us to reach more people by keeping expenses extremely low.




We are committed to building honest and open relationship through constant communication. We update our parents a action takers constantly, ensuring your continued trust.